Exploring New Avenues Rehabilitating
Prisoners And Giving
Them Purpose By Span Interiors

Interior designing and build is a highly specific and challenging field. It requires hi-end knowledge of materials, construction material, a creative mindset, and uncanny precision. At Span interiors, we believe in leading the way by using innovative techniques not just in our work but also in the activities that we do.

Conception To Recreation

The rehabilitation project Spaninteriors proactively thought of creating new avenues for the special classes of society the ones who are neglected and displaced by society as a whole. We believe that even prisoners have the right to live a dignified life and to fend for themselves. We provided the Prisoners with an opportunity to manufacture some of our fine furniture work that would not only give recreational and Rehabilitation to the prisoners but also provide furniture with a story. Our loose furniture was recently manufactured by the prisoners of Pune Yerwada jail and Thane jail for a special project. They were strictly supervised by an on-field expert and workshop in charge including their supervisor. All the designs were created by our in house Interior architect Harshal Bhatkar, span interiors.

Maintaining quality and excelling in philanthropy

At no point during a project was quality given secondary importance. Special care was taken to not only train but also overlook and guide the Prisoners in a way that they can imbibe a new skill will also producing high-quality fine furniture work. Our
work with highly specialized and could be easily compared to any leading manufacturer in India. Our project is fondly known as the ‘The Art behind the bars’. It is an initiative that has been put together to inculcate discipline and skills to Prisoners. Prison department rehabilitation centers that always prove to improve the morale of prisoners and give them a positive direction in their life.

Paving The Way With Stellar Corridor

Adding luxury to brands



Span interiors undertook interior designing work and recreational activity to create luxury. We built a luxury Suite rooms, three super deluxe rooms, a dormitory, kitchen,  terrace area and a recreational room . It was built over 5000 square feet and boasts all of the latest modern amenities that we can provide. While building these we used the most find cutting edge technology with highly skilled labour work to give the most decorative and spectacular looking room. Our clients have time in again appreciated our work for its quality and we aim to continue to do so while always thinking about innovative projects. Just like our current project ‘The art behind the bars’. Span interiors promise to create furniture or decorative masterpieces that are the perfect blend of art and skill. Our products are luxurious and contemporary in how they look and feel.

Luxurious Stay For Officers

Our years of skilled experience owing to 15 years of servicing the interiors industry. We have worked across sectors and handled projects like 5 star Hotels (Hospitality) , Theatres , Institutes , Commercials , Residential , Retails  and Hospitals. Our overall experience can be accounted for to be 14 lakh sq. ft. carpet area. Our experience encouraged us to take one step forward and include prisoner rehabilitation in the projects.
At span interiors we aim to continue to lead the way by doing good work and involving prisoners in a way that they can learn good skills, knowledge can lead to a better quality of life. It is also a way of promoting our own indigenous Indianised work instead of promoting only imported products. We believe in making in India proud, and will continue to contribute our activities that will amplify a local work.